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securing objects to car body

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  • securing objects to car body

    Hi all,

    Still planning my carpc and i'm at the point of designing my power distribution. I like to keep things neat and (semi) professional looking, and I'd like to figure out how to secure a terminal block (a.k.a barrier strip) to the cars body? i.e. if i run a new power line direct from the battery, through the firewall and to a terminal block on the interior... I'd like to secure that block to the other side of the firewall.

    I don't really want to drill holes through the metal with screws to secure things and know nothing about this topic.

    Can anyone provide me with some guidance or a site that outlines securing objects to the cars body?

    In my case the terminal block isn't the only thing that i'd like to fasten down, i also have an HD radio unit that i'd want to secure.


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    Industrial velcro is actually some pretty serious stuff.

    Or any strong double sided tape would work.


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      you screw it down lol
      seriously? Having never done this i don't know what to think about that... Aren't you just punching holes through your car and then have to worry about things like water leaking through?

      Industrial velcro is actually some pretty serious stuff.
      I was cotemplating this, what makes velcro 'industrial'? I've used stuff in other applications that wasn't very good...


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        Originally posted by kevin1162 View Post
        I was contemplating this, what makes velcro 'industrial'? I've used stuff in other applications that wasn't very good...

        It is really sticky and the velcro isn't the same hook and loop as regular velcro. I've used it to hold sub boxes down. I've also had it rip the top layers of MDF off before the velcro or adhesive came apart.


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          cool, that sounds like what i'm looking for.



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            There are also zip-ties with the barbed hole mounts...
            I have a zillion of these.


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              I use velcro like there is no tommorrow.... For my power panel though, I took a thin particle board and screwed everything on, then velcro'd that board to the floor. I'm sure the same can be done on a car panel.

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                yeah, i wanted to have my power distribution on something like a small wood sheet then mount it in a low-key spot near the firewall or something.

                As long as there's velcro out there that will do the job then i think that's the route i'm going to take.


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                  aw why do u gotta delete my comment i was serious..


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                    Because there are more alternatives than just screwing it.

                    Try RevFE
                    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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