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Cooling issue in Jeep

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  • Cooling issue in Jeep

    Well, this is really my third carpc install but I have never had to worry about cooling before so I figured I'd post it in the newbie section.

    I am putting it in my Jeep in the rear cargo area. I want to cut a piece of wood in the shape of the cargo area and raise it up about 6" so I can have my laptop, amp, inverter, Sirius box, and possibly another amp down the road all hidden. If I need to service anything, I can just lift the wood out. This not only keeps thieve's eyes from noticing anything but allows me to still be able to put things in the back.

    What about cooling though? I imagine it will get pretty hot. If I just make a few slits for air to escape, will that be enough? Maybe put some grills in over each device? I have a bunch of old pc fans sitting around I could use but I am concerned about the noise and good placement that will actually circulate the air and not get in the way. I don't want to put groceries in the back and have the plastic bag get stuck in a fan lol. Maybe a grill would take care of that.

    Any ideas?

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    What Jeep do you have? If its a wrangler, why don't you put the amps under the back seat and then put the carpc in the small area that is called the cargo space. I have a 97 TJ and I placed 2 amps under the back seat and put 2 10in subs in the "cargo" area. The amps will get warm but there is enough space to where they wont overheat and they are out of sight. If you want to service them all you have to do is pull that backseat out which is really easy.


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      Thanks for the tip but I have a '93 Cherokee Country. There is no room under the seats to put anything. The rear cargo area is really the only option I have.

      If I put some fans on one side and some holes on the opposite side facing up, would that pull the air in and then push it out so I would have some circulation?