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Separating signal from power lines

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  • Separating signal from power lines

    Hi all. I am planning out my project, I'll have a fat 12V line from the batteyr to the trunk, where all stereo and PC gear will be placed. Head-unit and such will be int he front, which means I will also have RCA/VGA/USB going between the dash and the trunk. I would like to separate power and signal wires, of course. Question is, how far.

    How do folks that have their system split between dash and trunk typically do this? Power on one side of the floor, signal ont eh other, with speaker cables along side each? Or power and signal lines on each side of the center hump (trans, exhaust, etc.), with speakers along the sides?

    Thanks all,

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    Im not an audiophile or anything so I just did power down driver side, audio + signal wires down passenger side cavities.

    How much of an audiophile are you?
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