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  • software??

    hey everyone im a newbie on here and was just wondering what some programs or software i can use that dont take up much memory as im going to be using them in a carpc that ill be running using a Pentium 4.

    thanks mango181

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    Notepad doesn't take much memory. What do you want the software to do?

    Do you need a frontend. If so, go look in the frontend section of this forum.
    Do you need navigation software? If so, go look in the GPS section of this forum.
    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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      hey thanks for the quick reply. i dont know what front end is? i want it to run and play mp3's movies and some games. i want to browse the net and have gps. want to be able to connect usb devices to it too.


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        Most DOS programs use less than 1MB of RAM.

        I'll side with Rob on this one. What functionality do you want out of the software? Can't make any suggestions until you provide a clear picture of what you want.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          If you're a newbie, take a look at my site - it should answer a lot of your questions.

          Forums are wonderful places to get answers on specific topics, but it can be difficult for newbies to get information on a broad range of subjects, without visiting a lot of different sites.


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            "Headless" non-Windows software?

            All I need is something that will (1) use a numeric keypad (no touchscreens!) for input; (2) drive a 4x20 LCD display; and (3) play audio files. There was a project called MCAS (MPEG Car Audio System) that worked nicely, based on DOS, but the download files are no longer available. I don't want to play DVDs (or even CDs, my in-dash system can do that), and I don't want to run Windows of any flavor. A Linux-based system that doesn't require a monitor would be fine. A Mac is out of the question (prices are insanely high for a car computer).

            Any suggestions?


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              I used this back in '99 or so when I was using a 133mhz system in my car. I had it hooked up with a 4x20 character LCD, and a keypad controller hooked to some custom buttons on my dash.


              Try RevFE
              The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                Excellent, thanks! Also I have been in touch with Tom Hammond, the author of MCAS, and he ahs fixed the download links there.