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noob question is 800MHZ c3 processor enough?

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  • noob question is 800MHZ c3 processor enough?

    to run road runner? a 800MHz and 1GB of memory. all i need the pc is for nav and bod2 guages. is it enought to run it smoothly, also what will the booting time will be for that setup?

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    I run a laptop with an 800 processor and it has no difficulty with rr and nav software. My boot time is about 20 seconds from ignition.
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      i too have the c3 processor with 800MHZ and 1GB ram. I found it is bit slow.

      so i am running XPe now. While i put XP i felt very slow.
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        It should be more than enough for XP, but my old 1ghz C3 was sluggish at running Centrafuse 2.0.


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          I used a via EPIA 800 for the longest time. It'll run RoadRunner fairly well. Just make sure to turn off the extras like screen transitions.

          I was running RoadRunner, iGuidance, and cruising the interwebs decently with it.

          Booting time will vary depending on OS customization.

          Try RevFE
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            I ran XP and Garmin Mobile PC. It was bit slow on rendering and loading maps.

            Now working on XPe 120 days trial. SO far so good. I will update if it is completely succcessful
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              it's good enough for a starter project. but I feel you will want to upgrade the processor in the very near future.

              A simple solution is to read the software manufacturers system requirements, as there is no one right answer when asking about nav programs in general.
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