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  • Newb introducing myself

    Hey everyone nice little forum you've got here. Figure I would introduce myself and give a little bit of a background on me.

    First off name is Chris, I've been a big car nut since before I could drive I'm 32 now so you can see I've been around quite a while. I've done all sorts of things from restoring classic cars to building street and hot rods, along with building lowriders and audio competition cars. I'm a system administrator for a fairly large company so I know my way around the computer world as well.

    My current car is a 99 mustang GT that's running the stock motor and trans but it's pushing 463rwhp and 399rwtq, it's not a all out drag car but it's no dyno queen either as it turns out impressive numbers at the track for a stock motor/trans car. I've done all the work to it myself (trust me there's alot)as every time I pay someone else to work on something it never meets my expectations, plus I like the feeling I get when someone ask's what shop built it and I can say me!

    I signed up on these forums so I could get some ideas and perhaps get some help from time to time as I am by far no electrical genius. I plan on removing the factory mach 460 stereo system from my car and putting in a pc that will at the very minimum allow me to display engine diagnostics and statistics. I would also like to put a decent stereo in it but that adds quite a bit of weight and this car's main purpose is to cruise around on the street but tear it up at the track on the weekends, plus the fact that it's not the quietest exhaust system on the roads today make listening to the radio challenging. Things like GPS and bluetooth are added bonus but not necessary.

    So I'll be spending alot of free time digging through the threads you guys have made looking for some ideas on mouting spots, fabrication and of course wiring.

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    Hi Chris,
    You've come to the right place.

    Welcome aboard
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      WELCOME to the forums. we will be glad to help if you have questions.

      First thing is, if you car is that loud, maybe sound deadening your car will help?
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