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RR Parsing Issue w/Music & Theater Plugin

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  • RR Parsing Issue w/Music & Theater Plugin

    I just downloaded RR a couple days ago and have been setting it up with the default Carwings skin. When I use the Music player, the fields for ďArtistĒ and ďTrackĒ both display the track and the ďAlbumĒ field is blank. I have the player directed to the basic My Music folder in Windows and everything looks fine there. Not sure what I need to change.

    When I click on the Theaters plugin, it finds the list of local theaters but does not pull up movies or show times. It displays two theaters at the very top where I would imagine itís suppose to show a theater and a movie. I registered the .dll and followed the instructions in the read me.

    I also installed the Gas and Traffic Cam plugins with success, though I donít think these are disrupting the MoveTimes in any way because it didnít work before I set these up.

    I apologize if Iíve overlooked these answers in previous forum posts. I would really appreciate any help or you pointing me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

    (Not sure if this needs to be 2 separate posts. If so, let me know and I can split them.)

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    The movietimes thats included in the installer is broken. I have a new version that will released after it passes the testers. Once that happens it will be fixed in the installer. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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