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Deciding on a reversing camer and screen.

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  • Deciding on a reversing camer and screen.

    Evening guys. I think teh n00b section is the best place to put this.

    I recently bought a van, but it has NO rear windows.. Because of this i would like to add a reversing camera (i know, its only a small van, but still)

    Ok, baisically im looking for some, experienced advice (any will do) i have some niggling plans to do a carputer job at some stage.. Because of this i would like my monitor to be touchscreen and ready to run a carputer some day (when the funds build back up)

    I was hoping someone could:
    a) Suggest a suitable size screen (keeping in mind it will be used for a carputer at some stage)
    b) Suggest a position ( i have a few in mind, but what works best for you?)
    c) Suggest a position and type/make of camera for the back...

    I would love it if the screen would be a regular carputer until i go into reverse, and it magically turns into a reversing screen...

    anyway, maybe someone can help.

    Here are some pictures added for your convenience :P