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Sorta new, just introducing myself...

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  • Sorta new, just introducing myself...

    I remember years ago lurking about on this site looking into a PC for a car project that I ended up selling to an anxious buyer before I even got the interior back in and was looking at allot of the projects people here were working on. They were all very impressive but nothing like the amazing work the lot of you have put together. Congrats for keeping the faith and the community alive.

    I remember a single DIN dash mounted unit that was a pull out that had a Linux front end that everyone who had one was raving about at the time. I remember some very large consumer electronics manufacturer bought them out and hopes were high that they would take the project and make it better. Seemed like allot of hearts were broken when they promptly back shelved the whole thing which to me sent a message that they were simply scared of the hobbyist community getting together and making a better product than they could for less than they ever would. Glad to see that you didn't let that stand in your paths to success.

    I've been lurking again a bit recently and this time the project is for a car that I've wanted to build for my personal collection for quite a few years but always put off to get other things out of the way first. I'll be honest, the reading required just to get up to speed is a wee bit intimidating. Thankfully the site FAQ helped considerably - thanks for that - and the descriptive post put forth by many of the community members have helped as well.

    Bit of a geezer here I imagine at nearly 40 years of age but I still have cars in my heart and have always been a bit of a geek. Built heathkit project in my youth and played the first "Castle Wolfenstein" on my Commodore 64 hooked up to an old black and white tv.

    So again, I'll be here looking at what you share and asking silly geezer questions and offering any support I can to better the community.

    Best wishes,

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    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.