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Final Design - wiring diagram for my Car PC

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  • Final Design - wiring diagram for my Car PC

    Hi guys, I've put together a wiring diagram for my car pc.

    Please give your recommendations and / or criticisms.

    Thanks in advance!

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    No Major Flaws

    I don't see any major issues with your diagram. So long as you have a good quality inverter, you shouldn't run into too many problems since your using a laptop with a battery. I personally dislike inverters as they're wasteful and can lead to bad problems with other setups, but as your using a laptop it should as I said be fine. On another note you could be more informative in your diagram, i.e. I'm sure your headunit gets power, but that's just semantics.

    Good Luck!


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      Originally posted by funkd View Post
      Hi guys, I've put together a wiring diagram for my car pc.

      Please give your recommendations and / or criticisms.

      Thanks in advance!
      In the diagram you have BATTERY-->INVERTER--->POWER BOARD illustrated.

      What power board do you plan on connecting to the inverter?

      Perhaps you can omit/delete the inverter because there are DC-DC power supplies that are up to 40% more efficient than an 120v ac inverter. I would only use an inverter as a last resort, when there's nothing else available in the market to power the device. They are fine for household appliances. However, the proper 120v inverter for PC's often costs more than the pc itself. Never use a $35 Home Depot special on something you don't want to risk losing.

      If not for the inverter, everything else looks ok in the diagram.
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        A couple things that I see:

        The FM modulator will produce sub-par audio quality. I can almost guarantee you'll get sick of it and replace it with an AUX adapter or something else to get audio to the headunit.

        Also, the GPS receiver and keyboard on a USB hub will generally result in problems, especially with resume from hibernate. Granted, on a laptop, you don't have a lot of choice, since there are only so many USB ports on the laptop that you can use.
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          Yea FM Modulator sucks! USB 5.1 with amps is the way to go.


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            If you need more usb ports don't forget about pcmcia or express card usb hubs, they should work just fine for GPS and/or wifi or whatever else you need to plugin. And +1 to that FM modulator being a bad idea.
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