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Looking for a lightweight solution to run EvoScan software

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  • Looking for a lightweight solution to run EvoScan software

    Hello everyone,

    So I started looking into Carputer the other day. Never knew how much cool stuff you can do out there

    Anyways, I believe a real carputer will be an overkill for my goals. I have a Mitsu Evolution IX and I want to run a certain monitoring/logging software that is window based.

    I of coarse want to keep AM/FM radio and CD. My speakers will probably never be upgraded. GPS would be a nice plus, but not 100% necessary. Pretty much something that would run ODBII DataLogger.

    Since I'm trying to keep the weight and price down, what would be my best route to go?

    I was looking at this:

    But I don't think I would be able to run the software I need on this right?

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    Well that unit you posted doesn't run windows and is probably not a vga screen. Doesn't seem like it'll fit your needs. If you wanna stick with a windows-based app for obdII you'll pretty much be stuck with a carPC solution and runs something like this. Other options maybe ipod/iphone based apps. CarPC aren't for everyone so make sure you give this some thought. Not sure a carPC is overkill as you're saying as some members here got into this hobby based on the need to run obdII apps, so it's not so far off.


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      Thanks prodigalsun, the software is something like what you posted. It's actually called EvoScan and has alot of good functionality.

      So if a CarPC is what I need, I got ALOT of reading to do What would you say a basic setup would run me? I see Lilliput 7" EBY-701 go for around $200, i think that is sufficient for what I need. Then I need to worry about the actual PC.


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        This system is one of the best options in terms of value. All you gotta do is add a hdd and you're good to go. As for the screen, I've learned that this one component that could be the most expensive part of your project if you're trying to integrate it into your dash. For the screen I'd go with one that's already done up for a double din mod and try to get a dash kit to just drop it in. Something like this. is a good website when considering dash integration. Alternatively you can go with molding this dash yourself if you have the time. To determine a proper cost it really depends on all you want in the car. So i'd start with listing the functions then from there itemizing the hardware and software you'll need and cost it out that way, keeping in mind you're needs will probably change over time so you'll also want flexibility.