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Car Cd player as Cd-rom?

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  • Car Cd player as Cd-rom?

    i am planing to built my carputer on to my Mitsu L-200 Pickup this summer. but i am lack of knowledge so i will ask you some questions(some may be silly)
    my pickup has second place for touchscreen so i can keep my car audio

    1)can i use cd player of my car audio, as cd-rom of my carputer if can not, is there any car audio unit(pioneer,sony alpine,...)that i can also use as cd-rom for my carputer?

    2)i want to control sound volume, balance etc. from my audio unit, so can i plug my carputer audio out to aux of my audio unit?

    3)i am planning to use my old toshiba laptop. i am planning to seperate the screen of laptop and mount it to roof. so the passengers can play dvd or play games while i am using GPS navigation on the front main screen. is that possible?

    4)as i am using my laptop do i need DC-DC power supply or a car recharger for laptop will be sufficent

    5)in my car i have small text display that shows fuel consumption, tank capacity, electronic compass, air temp. etc. and also act as display unit for my car audio. i will install my touchscreen inplace of that tiny display(with some modification) so can i transfer these informations(fuel,temp,fm info) to my new display?

    thanks alot

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    1. No. A car CD player is usually just an audio player, just like the one in your home hifi, it cannot read data.

    2. Yes.

    3. Probably, but very messy. The screen does not connect to the Laptop with a standard VGA cable, it is normally a ribbon cable and I doubt it will like the length you will be running if you try to extend the wires. Look at threads that contain LVDS.

    4. It will probably be best to get a DC-DC PSU but some Laptop chargers may work, although I would not recommend using them for a permanent installation.

    5. some, maybe by using OBDII, but it really depends on what kind of BUS Mitsubishi use xfer data from units. Some BMWs have iBus that some information can be pulled from others have CANBUS, each manufacturers system is different.


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      thanks for your reply and suggestions