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  • D945GCLF2 Audio

    I am trying to figure out how best to set up my audio, I have the Intel motherboard D945GCLF2, I was thinking about using the onboard sound, my question is how exactly do I hook it up to my amp? I have a 6 channel amp going to Front/Rear/Subs. Can anybody tell me exactly how I set it up?

    thanks in advance

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    I just realized it has this as the audio "Integrated Stereo, 6-channel audio via headers", can somebody explain to me what this means and if it means I can get better sound out of it, how to do that?


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      There is an spdif connector on the motherboard. There are pins for it, so you have to connect your own jack.


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        What do I need to set it up using the SPDIF connection? Do you have any links to something I can see how to do it?


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          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            I own the same MB configured as 5.1 audio output.
            I'm guessing if is possible to hold the current audio configuration (5.1, so every audio external jack is busy) and connect a microphone too (via motherboard headers); maybe impossible?
            Motherboard audio headers are a duplicate of external jacks or are additional input/output?
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              I believe the fronts are a separate input because my audio controls in Windows show up as front mic, rear mic, etc.
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