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can I use XP for my carputer?

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  • can I use XP for my carputer?

    Will XP work on a carputer? If so, will the M4-ATX power supply properly shut the system down just by turning the car off? If I'm running XP, and have a DVD going and just turn off my car, does the DVD program close and windows go into normal shut down procedure, or is it like holding down the power button with the CPU on? It seemed from the manual as if it is able to put the PC into shut down mode, but is this only for the Linux iMedia software?

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    Yes you can use WinXP.
    Yes the M4 will shut down the computer with the ignition and it will be a proper shutdown.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      question about the P0 setting for M4-ATX PSU

      Great to know, thank you for confirming this.

      Can I possibly use the P0 power configuration on the M4-ATX with some sort of an AC-DC convertor to be able to use the computer in the house on
      120VAC, or is this setting simply to be able to turn on and off the computer at will regardless of ignition position?