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first switch on and it just beeps

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  • first switch on and it just beeps

    hi ive just fired my pc up and when i do i get nothing on the screen, and just long beeps on and off, i have looked at some beep codes on the net, but none of them relate to what i get, and the motherboard manual gives no answers any ideas

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    Could be a number of things. Beeps means it's not passing POST (Power on system test). One of the codes online should tell you what it is, it's just a matter of finding the right one. How many sticks of RAM do you have? If 2, pull one and try it; then swap them and try again.
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      from looking on here it seems like its the ram, i find it hard to believe as its brand new any other ideas apart from buying a new one


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        what motherboard do you have? and what beeps are you getting?


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          i have a via epia m9000 with award bios, its says that the beep code im getting is a memory issue but the memory is brand new, this could be bad luck but i am doubtful that its broken


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            Sounds like ram to me. long beeps are almost always ram. The ram could be fine, just not compatible with the motherboard you have.

            EDIT: And being that you bought the motherboard off ebay, who knows really if it's good or not. It also sounds like you're not very experienced in the world of PC troubleshooting. Get some different ram, different latency, different density, different speed, you're going to have to try something different. But chances are the current ram you have will never work with that motherboard.

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              same problem

              I have the same problem with nothing but long beeps when turning on, only sometimes mine works? generally if i drive for 10 mis switch off then back on it works???