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Using Existing CD Changer Harness???

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  • Using Existing CD Changer Harness???

    Hi All,

    I about to install my case with via MB in rear of my 1995 Range Rover, where the CD changer was located.

    Please lead me in the right direction if this has been discussed and proven in the past.

    While still having the HU up front and the wiring harness down to the CD changer at the very rear;
    1- Can I use this harness to power the case??? (I am sure I pick up on an unswitched 12v supply on one of the pins)
    2- If so, could I then by selecting CD on the HU be able to obtain audio from the carpc?
    3- How can I have the PC emulate the CD Changer for this to happen.

    Is this far fetched and you all going to say just get rid of the HU, or is there an option here?

    Your help will be appreciated, will be posting photos of my progress shortly.


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    Might be worth looking at