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connecting PCI sound card

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  • connecting PCI sound card

    I feel like this is such a n00b question I posted it here. I'm not very educated in the realm of hardware but can I plug in a Turtle Beach RIVIERA PCI Sound Card into an Intel 945GC Mini ITX Motherboard?

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    Yes, you can. Only thing is that would take up your only pci slot so if you don't have anything else you want to add you should be fine, as there is video already builit into the motherboard. Have you thought about what case you want to use?

    BTW it's ok to ask a couple "simple" questions, nobody knows everything and everybody needs help sometime, so no worries.

    Hope this clarifies things.


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      Take a look at the picture of the motherboard. See that big white connector on it? That's a PCI slot.

      That motherboard only has one PCI slot though, so make sure you want to waste it on the sound card and not something else. Also take into consideration the height of that sound card. It's like 5 inches tall, so make sure you have the room for that in whatever enclosure you are using for the PC.

      Edit: Looks like SwiftDeath beat me to it.
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        Looking at the picture I feel dumb now lol. I've been flying through a lot of searching and I for some reason thought the PCI slot was the RAM slot.

        I love how you used the term "waste" :P. For me having the Optical out (to connect to my H701) is most important about the car PC.

        I don't plan on using a case because my center console has AC duct and I feel a case will only block the cool air from getting to the computer. I plan on using a PCI riser though and fabbing up some custom mounting solutions, I may even end up with a custom case.


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          You have to very careful with having AC cool your computer because condensation tends to build and can fry your stuff.


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            Does this normally only apply when the AC blows directly on the components? the AC runs through the center console and blows out the back. Very little air actually, but it keeps the console at a good cool temperature


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              I haven't experienced it myself. I would search the forums as that's the holy grail of CarPc knowledge.


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                What about when you have your heater on?
                My monitor is mounted near my AC vents and it used to overheat and shut off when the heater was on. Just something to think about