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  • porsche MOST BUS question

    hello, I am new to the board and had a question about the MOST BUS system. I did a forum search with no luck. I have a 2009 Porsche 911 with the stock stereo which is controlled by a digital bus. I would like to add a new amplifier to replace the OEM unit, and then replace the speakers. I need to keep the OEM Nav system and wiring. DEI made a MOST to analog converter in 2006 but has since disappeared. Are there any products that can do this?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

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    I am not sure about the Porsche, but i can tell you on the BMW, MINI, Mercedes, they still runs actual audio to the amplifier, it is not a optical or digital signal.

    So you should be able to take the output of your head unit and tap that into an amp.

    This should allow for the audio from the nav and any thing you have hooded up to the Auxiliary Input to still go thru the amp and then to the speakers.

    As for hooking up the output of the carputer, it should just be able to connect to your AUX input.


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      thanks for the reply. But, there is only a fiber optic connection to amp. And the only signal out of the head unit is optical and digital. If you search the internet for MOST-BUS, you will get lots of info how complicated it is, but no help on how to work with it...unless you want to install a windows XP computer in your trunk!! Anyway, From what I understand, the digital output isn't a simple 2 channel full range that I can splice a D/A converter to. It is proprietary 5 channel signal. When porsche wants to make things difficult, they sure can!!


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        Motus Lab is going to put on the market a MOST-BUS audiogateway with AUX-OUT capabilities as weel as Audio DSP capabilities.
        That product could give you up to 115dB SNR due to direct conversion from digital to analog without any concerns like Noise as you have on some High - to -Low level interfaces.
        The product is completely integrate on the OEM system, so you can keep all functionalities that you have now.
        If you want to learn more about it visit or send an email to [email protected]