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Dual Screen Carputer in 2009 Outback?

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  • Dual Screen Carputer in 2009 Outback?

    I am thinking about a twin-screen setup in my car.

    What I want:

    GPS on a screen where the OE Nav screen would go

    Audio control on the lower screen.

    I want both to be touch, the upper really operating solely as GPS (input directions and such there), and the lower solely operating as audio/video.

    I want radio, CD/DVD, Possibly XM, and control of an iPod. I also want bluetooth pairing with my phone so I can talk hands free. I also want steering wheel integration.

    I want it to look as OEM as possible. I don't want to constantly be fiddling with it. I want it to behave like it came that way from the factory.

    My initial idea was to use a Pioneer F90BT in the dash and have a second screen up top for GPS but Pioneer said that they don't have a unit capable of that.

    A member on did something similar to what I want with a kenwood 8120, but that model is discontinued, and I'd rather not have a screen that doesn't sit flush in the lower dash (hence the appeal of the F90bt). See it here:


    I don't know anything about Carputers, is there a setup anyone could recommend that would do what I want?

    How much would it cost?

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    What about the possibility of simply using a Mac Mini? I don't know what I'd do for operating system or anything to get things rolling for a carputer setup, but the Mac Mini would likely fit very well in my glovebox and not look too terrible.


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      Its going to take alot of planning, fiddling, adjusting, and configuring, to get it just how you want it... Thats CARPCs...

      But once its setup it really can be reliable, I have had my current setup(3rd time around) up and running for almoust a year! Despite the tinkering I enjoy doing every now and then, It runs perfectly resuming from cold to music in less than 10 seconds before im even out the driveway.

      And whats even better than ANY mainstream unit CARPCs have VERY QUICK access to Your Music, Movies, Music videos, GPS, Internet, GPS TRACKING, and anything elese you can dream up the options are really endless!!

      But it deffenetly not for the faint and does take alot of trials to get certain quirks worked out for that seamless integration you want, I dont want to discorage you just give you some insite GL!!!


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        Looking at that picture it doesn't look like you'd have too much trouble integrating a carpc. Do you have the built oem nav screen already? If not you'd just need a board that'd support multiple monitors and go from there.


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          I only have ~800 or 900 to spend on a new setup, so I'd like to come in as far below that as possible.

          How do you interface a CarPC with the speakers? My car has a Harmon Kardon sound system with the OEM amp under the passenger seat. Can I still retain this?

          Mac Mini's seem to go on e-bay for a good bit less than $500 for the 2GHz models. I imagine I'd want to replace the harddrive with a solid-state drive, but other than that it should be good to go, right?