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  • gps units?

    I know the GlobalSat BU-353 is very popular here, but while searching through ebay, i've come across three other units: Royaltek RGM-3600, Gosget BU-358 (apparently made by GlobalSat), and Navibe GM720. From what I know, they all share the same specs with the BU-353 (Sirf Star III, NMEA 0189, etc etc), but they're cheaper than the 353.

    I did searches on the forum, and I've seen people use some of these. Any reviews recommendations? Should I stick with the tried-and-true BU-353? Or go with the cheapest unit?


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    You might as well go with the BU-353. I did a lot of research when I went to buy mine, and the price difference isn't that much.
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      SEJAT SJ-5210 is one of the best USB GPS receiver as well

      I bought SEJAT SJ-5210 recently and works well.

      The spec are the same with BU-353 but works better and much cheaper.

      It took a second to install and it worked great with many Map source. It only took a couple of second to receive the GPS signal and the rest is easy. I didn't have to put the receiver on the roof of my car, it picked up the signal wherever you are, even inside my home I still got the signal. This product is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who own a laptop.

      I replaced my DeLorme Earthmate with the SEJAT SJ-5210 and have been very impressed at how fast it acquired the satellites. I use it with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 and it works great. I would highly recommend the device.