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  • connect2car

    Hello Everyone,

    Noob here has a question that might be an interesting one if I say so myself. Can this program Connect2car ( be intergrated into car pc or is it something that is installed seperated from Centerfuse and roadrunner??

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    Well that thing looks really cool!! But why would you want to use it in you car pc? Its made for cell phone use


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      Connect2Car has been discussed before. You can embed basically any program into centrafuse or RR.
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        Yes, it will work.
        Yes, it's a waste of money.
        Yes, Fusion Brain is better.
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          It was something that I saw while getting details on something I want to get for my Yukon Denali and thought it might be good. I live in NYC and anyone who needs up to date info if something is being done to your car the quicker the better.


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            We've actually partnered with Connect2Car to offer one of these units to a forum member. The review should prove useful for all. Check out the contest here:

            Connect2Car Anywhere G2 Contest.
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