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First Post just a couple of questions

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  • First Post just a couple of questions

    Ok, so pretty much i want to build myself a car pc ill put this into sections so you can skip ahead

    I just sold my car cause i dont really use it ever and there is no point in having 2 cars in the city. So the car i want to install it in is my partners and she has given me a list of guidlines i need to follow.

    Her guidlines:
    Must be easily usable
    Must fit neatly into the current dash without any cutting etc
    Must be able to control the volume without having to use the touchscreen if she wants to do it quickly for whatever reason
    Must be able to manually use the arial (currently she can put it to any hieght depending on if she is in a carpark or dodgy suburb etc) but also automatically work with the computer

    My questions:
    Does anyone know how deep the Holden VTII 2000 Berlina head unit space is? (im not allowed to take it out until i have a working thing to put back in, she doesnt trust me with it much lol)
    Is it possible to manually control the arial and how would you go about this?

    Current Ideas for setup

    The screen will be a 7" touchscreen, im currently thinking of using this panel
    *sorry link doesnt fit, its on ebayunder 7" LCD Screen- Asus EEEPC*
    and then i would purchase the touchscreen conversion kit also on ebay under 7" inch Touch Screen Panel kit for Asus EEE PC.
    In the pic of the unit, it is sized exactly to a double din standard 7"x4" and has the exact viewable screen size for the 7" screen. the reason the buttons are moved over is the the lcd will protrude a lil bit under the cover on all sides

    The buttons from top to button hopefully will be

    Arial manual controls
    Volume control
    Power on and off (in addition to ACC on off relay)

    the mobo i am looking at using is VIA NEW MII-12000 LVDS MINIITX MOTHERBOARD/1.2GHZ CPU the reason i want this one is it has a lvds connection to directly connect to the lcd screen

    so if anyone can answer my questions or has advice etc it wold be greatly appreicated..

    thnx heaps

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    crap, managed to post in two sections. ignore this one