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Few questions about a potential eeePC project.

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  • Few questions about a potential eeePC project.

    Currently I drive a '99 Subaru 2.5RS. It has a 2din space for a radio. It also has room up top for another DIN (stock compass goes there)

    The car currently has a Pioneer AVIC-N2 as the headunit.

    The other day I figured I'd see what I can do with my Asus eeePC 701 4G and the car. Upon further research I realized that the Avic's screen is only 330,xxx pixels and only has composite AV inputs. I figure that wont be suitable as my monitor.

    Moving on. I'm thinking of selling my AVIC ($200-300) and putting in an old Kenwood HU that I have laying around (would need to figure out how to use sirius with it). Having 2 screens would be pretty pointless, but I do need some sort of HU to power my speakers and controll the sub in the trunk.

    Next up is me wondering if I should sell my eeePC and buy a prebuilt carputer from the store? as well as a motorized 7" xenarc TS monitor.

    Basic question I'm asking is if I should jsut stick with the eeepc or sell both the avic/eeepc and get a carputer/monitor and go from there? I'd want the computer to do GPS, MP3 primaraly with other fun stuff on the side.

    Anything I'm missing I'll add. Sorry I've reasearched alot of this and still am doing so, but having my own thread to share a few ideas and jot things down would be good for me. Here are a few pics of a 2.5rs dash.

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    The choice of PC is up to you (EEE vs a prebuilt miniITX unit).
    I would suggest against any flip-out monitor, motorized or not. They all tend to have issues with build quality.

    There are some distinct advantages to using desktop hardware. The biggest is the ease of configuring startup/shutdown with the ignition. It can be done with a laptop/netbook as well, but not as simply.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Yea I guess I could always get a double din screen and move the headunit up to where the compass currently resides. Just more fab work though.


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        I'll need to figure out how to mount it also. Shouldn't be too tough though. I was going to go the motorized route to avoid moving the compass, also the screen is going to sit sort of low where it is now.. hmmm.