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Car PC in Dragster?

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  • Car PC in Dragster?

    I am just curious if anyone hs installed a car pc in a high horsepower car and if so, were vibrations a problem, any screen issues? I am looking into a car pc for my 66 Coronet and possibly a dragster down the road, to use as an on-board monitor for all the sensors (fuel level, oil press, water temp, ect.) and for quick EFI changes, as well as data logging. If anyone has any insight or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Secure the monitor and use a solid state drive.
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      if u not gonna crash in some one then there should be no problem, as jpinkerton said just make sure you have minimum moving parts including fans on CPU and make sure everything tied to car body.

      In my case i have 200/250 and carPC flies all over the trank but still works OK even with regular HDD
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