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V40 in the build - need some help here;)

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  • V40 in the build - need some help here;)

    (Please excuse my terminology, im norwegian)

    Hi there!

    Thanks to this forum i am now the owner of a in-dash carputer and in the starting phase of building a cool demo-car pointing at the familys.

    What i need is:
    More understanding of what is availeble for me (products, solutions etc.).
    What does odbc odbi and so on mean?? i need to know what all these terms is.

    I have browsed these forums for quite a while now, and seen alot of interesting builds, you all seem to have both the know-how and the good ideas for making a carputer fit perfectly, like the BMW with the CD-ROM station to the left of the steering wheel and the in-dash monitor that look OEM!! Awesome!!

    So, this is what i have:
    Audiovox In-Dash carputer - missing touch-screen.
    Roof-mounted 10" monitor - not yet mounted
    Sony XAV-W1 - Mounted but not perfectly fitted.

    This is what i need:
    Touch-screen - preferable 10" VGA / XVGA?
    GPS reciever
    Some kinda system that let me show both interior ECU and engine ECU info on the carputer, preferably info like speed, revs, oil, gas, doors and so on. I have seen this but have no idea how its done or what is used.

    So, guys, i would be extremely thankful for any help i could get for this build