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Connecting iPod to Pioneer KEH P3630R

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  • Connecting iPod to Pioneer KEH P3630R

    what do I need to connect an iPod to a Pioneer KEH P3630R.

    Newbie, so you may have to explain slowly :-)


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    searched, and found your other post form a while ago..
    hi from Ireland

    My Pioneer KEH-P3630R has a CD Multi-Play attached. I wish to keep the CD Multi-Play and want to play MP3’s from my Garmin 660 Sat Nav through the Pioneer system. Can this be done? Can I have both? If yes….what cable do I need?
    I have read previous posts in 2004 (from En4cer) and it’s not clear to me if both the CD Multi Player and the MP3 player can both be used. ………….. and what cable I need.

    Thanks for your patience ……….I’m a newbie.........
    I could not find very much info on that particular hu, other than what you have stated. I beleive you would need a cd-rb20 to acomplish either tasks. the cdrb 20 is a aux input, that allows you to keep the cd changer hooked up also. if you don't need the cd changer compatibity, the cd-rb 10 is just the aux input.

    both require a P-Bus connection on the back of the hu, but i cannot be sure if yours is equiped that way or not(it should be a blue square connector on the back of the hu).

    this forum is dedicated to car computers and the installation of them, so you might get a better answer from a car audio forum.
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