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  • random carpc inquiry

    as new, i dont know where this should be, so instead of wasting valuable space in the "good" threads i choose this area to post instead

    ive seen a few carpcs, im almost certain i have, that have inbuilt air condition/clima controls. ive been looking for it for the last few hours but i suppose i dont even really know the proper search word (english not being my native language and all)

    if anyone is able to shed some light..

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    i guess what u asking if u can control your in car AC with CarPC
    the answer is No but there are poissibilities.
    AC units fully depand on your car type ex in Mercedes AC is really small comuter itself that talks to whole car via CAN-BUS and there is no known way to intercept that.

    If u have BMW you can control AC with D2B interface but u will need custom program for that
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      Another way is to replace the module that controls the AC and control the motors/read the sensors directly, or if you have manual controls put servomotors or stepper motors on them. The latter is the route I'm going.
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        here's a thread on someone using Fusion Brain to do auto climate control. I haven't really followed it, so I don't know how successful the project has been.


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          kk thanks no matter, this is seriously just a matter of "carpc theory" its not like a have a current project or something

          but its quite possible that my design could need me to rip out the ac controls so i was just wondering if it was doable

          from what it seems its not worth the hassle, i suppose ill improvise
          (all of this is in theory, i dont really have a whole practical car design in mind im just thinking about possibilities)

          also thanks to the mod who placed this in a more appropriate section