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Starts to boot then Nothing?

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  • Starts to boot then Nothing?

    Finnaly attempted to boot my car PC today. Put my psu in standard ATX mode and attemted to boot my carputer....

    Power and HD LED illuminate processor fan starts, after no more than one second all stops and nothing.

    I have 12 volts at inputs
    Running a AMD Sempron 3300 with standard 160 G HD, 526 RAM, and standard VGA monitor for test.

    Using M4-ATX power supply

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    Do you get POST? Or any beep codes?

    Does the AMD Sempron need the 4 pin 12V power connector? If so, is that connected?

    Also start by checking if the RAM is good. Then start testing other components by swapping them out with other components (swap in a different power supply or try the power supply on a working PC).


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      Ok ive hooked up the astandard ATX power supply and it boots and runs..

      Any ideas?


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        make sure the connector on your pwr pins isnt reversed. thats what it sounds like to me Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          ill give it a try, though i did put the M4 power supply in stadard ATX mode and use the actual power switch from the desktop in the same place as it was in when i booted it with the actual standard ATX AC-DC PSU. When using the AC-DC it booted fine, but when using the 12V from the AC-DC to power the M4 i got a simple flicker of the power light and a rotation of the fan and then nothing. that was useing the power on from the M4


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            Fixed the issue, PSU wasnt putting out enough amperage on the 12V rail put it on my cars batter booted up perfect, cut the ACC and shut down without a hitch. SO RELIVED