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Using a 2nd car battery as a power source, how to setup?

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  • Using a 2nd car battery as a power source, how to setup?

    Newbie here, but I've been reading posts for about a year now. I have a question pertaining to installing a second car battery and hooking up a mini camera and another 12V DC powered accessory to it. I'm unsure how to do this. Could anyone point me in the right direct on how to do such a thing? In the meantime, I'll keep searching through posts.

    Thanks everyone!


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    Run power from the front battery, to the rear battery, fused on both ends, within a foot of each battery. Clean ground to chassis. Use something like a Stinger SGP80 to isolate it from the front battery. It's been said that mixing lead acid (standard car battery) and AGM battery (which most "second" batteries are), is bad news, but a small one like a Stinger SPV20 or small Kinetik HC-series probably wouldn't pose a problem. As far as connecting to it, you could connect directly to the terminals, but when the isolator is closed circuit, you might get some inconsistent voltage. Make sure and fuse anything you connect.