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quality of these mother boards?.

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  • quality of these mother boards?.

    hi im trying to decide between two mother boards. i know thier no best board and every ones different. im just looking for members with experiance on either of these boards. wondering about the quality. i heard msi was crap but it looks like a nice board.

    first is the zotac 9300
    ill be useinf the e7400 as a cpu.
    lots of usb and good on board graphics and built in wifi. lower price.

    second choice is msi IM-GM45

    lower power and i like the pci slot plus upgrade options and serial connectors. quite a bit higher price but im willing to pay it if its worth it.

    either would probally be powared by a m2 atx. the reason i point this out is because im not sure the m2 can supply the first board.

    like i said mostly looking for reviews and how the 2 companies qc is. but confirmation on the psu wouldnt hurt.
    i dont just suck at spelling i also suck at typing.

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    probably the zotac because of the price. that msi wont be that much more durable i dont think. the video on the zotac would be nice too, i have the 4500hd right now and its plenty good enough, but nothing special.


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      MSI is far from crap. I trust MSI more than other brands of motherboard, as I have had excellent experiences with MSI boards.
      There's a 10 year old server (former gaming rig) with an MSI mothernboard in it. Hasn't given me a single problem.

      I have heard good things about that Zotac board and the Zotac brand itself. I don't have any comparable experience with them.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I'd think the MSI might be a little more durable, as it is marketed more toward industrial applications than the Zotac, which is more of a HTPC board. Both would probably be fine though.

        May not be relevant, but the only video cards I have ever had problems with were MSIs (i nVidia, one AMD)