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USB WEBCAM Reverse / Back / Rear / Parking camera software

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  • USB WEBCAM Reverse / Back / Rear / Parking camera software


    I am setting up a back or rear camera to a campervan.
    I´ll use a standard USB webcam + 5 meters USB extend cable + laptop (win xp or win 7).
    The cam will be placed to the rear window of the campervan (inside).
    Can anyone recommend a software to be used for this?
    Fullscreen would be good. The laptop will be probably dedicated only for this purpose.

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Couldn't you just have it running all the time and open the laptop whenever you needed the cam? Then you could use whatever video software that came with the webcam.

    If you want it to just turn on whenever you go into reverse, I could imagine hooking up the reverse light to some controller that would wake up the laptop, which would only be running the webcam software.


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      The software that came with the camera does not show the picture in full screen but fullscreen.exe software that I found on this forum did the trick.
      But anyways I got a new problem now. The maximum length of USB cord is 5 meters and it is not enough from the rear window to the cabin. So I think now I have three options:
      1) an "official" wireless camset (from 170 euros to....)
      2) a wireless IP-cam (from 170 euros to ....)
      3) use cam that has RJ45 connector (90 euros + the wiring job)

      At this point it looks like I´m going with the option one


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        Why not just get a usb extention cord? It'd be way cheaper than any of your other alternatives since it seems like it's working for you, it just won't reach. I know the theoretical maximum distance is 5M, but I've gone farther without any problems. For the cost, I think it's worth a shot to test first before you invest in those other devices. I don't know about over there, but usb extentions cost about $10 for 5M here.

        Or you can use a hub. From wikipedia:

        Although a single cable is limited to 5 metres, the USB 2.0 specification permits up to five USB hubs in a long chain of cables and hubs. This allows for a maximum distance of 30 metres (98 ft) between host and device, using six cables 5 metres (16 ft) long and five hubs. In actual use, since some USB devices have built-in cables for connecting to the hub, the maximum achievable distance is 25 metres (82 ft) + the length of the device's cable. For longer lengths, USB extenders that use CAT5 cable can increase the distance between USB devices up to 50 metres (160 ft).