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newbie needs help with m2 atx

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  • newbie needs help with m2 atx

    hi i have a few stupid questions. wondering if any one can help me out.

    1 how do i use a m2 atx 20 pin atx with a 24 pin atx motherboard?.

    second im looking at the m2 and i see where the amp turn on wire goes but i see 2 pins in the spot. do i connect the wire to both of these pins?. and whats the best way to connect it?.

    thanks for all your help.
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    some motherboards are fine with only using the 20 pins, others don't like it so much, i would say to try it with a standard ac computer power supply if available(only becasue you could be unfortuante enough to get a bad m2, and using a known good ps will help solve part of the problem) and see what happens. if it doesn't work, than you will need a 20-24pin adapter cable to power up those last 4 pins.

    also, if you are using a board with a intel processor, make sure you are connecting the 4 pin processor power connector(if you need that cable, mp3car sells a adapater).
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      In regards to the amp turn on, one pin is positive, the other is negative. The best thing to do is to use those to trigger a relay to turn on your amp(s). I tried running both my amps straigt from the positive lead, and it wasn't reliable.