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A few questions about garmin mobile pc

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  • A few questions about garmin mobile pc

    Hi I am currently trying to decide what GPS software and reciever to buy.

    Someone recommended the Garmin Mobile PC software. It looks decent.

    Anyways, here are my questions

    1. How do you like this if you have it? Compare to iguidance?
    2. Have any of you have success with the plugin for centrafuse for this?
    3. Will this gps reciever ( work with it?
    *it's the bu-353* the one the sell on the mp3car store.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I would try the GPS software and see if you like it first. It also depends on what frontend you are using and how well the navigation will embed. The Destinator engine built into Centrafuse is horrible, I would stay away from that. Im personally very comfortable with iGuidance. It is very intuitive to use, Ive had friends just sit in my car for the first time and they were able to use iGuidance right away. But the new Garmin Mobile PC is looking very good, so I might just have to try that soon.

    With iGuidance you can use any NMEA compatible GPS reciever, not quite sure if Garmin is like that as well. On the FAQ for Garmin Mobile PC, I am guessing the impression you have to use a specific Garmin GPS? Maybe someone can verify that...


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      If you want to use a third party GPS receiver with GMPC, make sure you get the software-only version. The ones that come with a receiver will only work with that specific model of Garmin receiver.