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  • very new to this

    by very new i mean i have never built any computer, ever. so i have a few questions as you might guess

    i have been reading and looking around and seen a lot of touch screens and a lot of keyboard/mouse combos and i was wondering what i would have to do to have a touch screen interface?

    next question, i have a gateway lap top that is crappy to put it nicely, the disk drive doesnt work and the os is doing some funky stuff, can i use it as a carputer somehow?

    sorry if i seem kinda dumb here but im very new to this like i said, but thank you for any help

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    Touchscreen comes with a driver. Plug the usb and vga connection into the pc. Install the software. Now you have a touch screen interface (which control the mouse cursor and click).

    Carputer is a pc (cpu, mobo, ram etc) modified/customised to suit car environment. Depends on how old your laptop is (does it run Win XP?), it may worth replace the disk drive and reinstall the os.


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      you should also look into the various frontends that are available. I personally use Centrafuse and am very happy with it.


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        the laptop is a few years old and yes it is a xp laptop, i just turned it on the other day and there are a few more problems that i didnt realize, the web browser works half a$$ at best and whenever the computer is turned off it reverts back to "out of the box" bone stock, so no pics, music, extra software etc. basically whiped clean every time

        im thinking that may not be a great way to go so new question now

        are the barebone carputers im seeing floating around the web worth anything i really only want the computer for the obdII music and movies, maybe nav but i have that now and have never used it so most likely not, but a must is a awesome audio card, i have read that a few people are building things that are as good or better than a h701 alpine processor and if that can be done i for sure want to do it


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          do your research, and learn as much as you can, if your have the money and the time, i would recomend building your own home computer first---building a pc in a standard case is a little easier becasue you will run into less problems with parts fitting, and can also learn how to install all the different software programs without having to learn everything there is to know about small car computers first.

          in terms of difficulty, a car computer will be twice as hard as a standard pc build in almost every way-- the screen will be smaller, the area will be harder to work in, and some parts don't like large temperature swings that are found in a car environment-- most of the computers were never meant to be intalled in the environment that we install them in.

          some of the better threads that i recomend you reading is the ones about people 'done with the car computer deal' those threads will give you a good idea of the uphill battle you will be facing.

          i am not trying to scare you away (i know it can kind of sound like it) i am just trying to warn you that installing a computer in a mobile environment, and get it to run reliably is not very easy, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed(esp. if you have no experience with computers).
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