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Having audio humming troubles

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  • Having audio humming troubles

    Hey guys I am new here and this is my first post. I drive a 98 eclipse gsx and recently screwed up the stock stereo. I liked the whole carputer idea so I figured why not try just temporarily hooking up my MP3 player to the stock amp, then I will have all the wiring necessary already for a laptop setup later on. It actually works suprisingly well and I cannot even put out full volume on the MP3 or it is just too loud. Only problem is no balance or fader so it doesnt always sound too great, cant wait for a laptop for this reason.
    Anyways heres it summed up. I have an aftermarket harness adapter (radio end) all I am using on this is the ignition/power wire to turn the amp on. This hooks into an aftermarket wiring harness for the amp (audio signal) which also has 4 RCA male outputs. I have 2 pairs connected together with 2 adapters from RCA to minijack, and then the 2 adapters are connected with a minijack Y to the headphone port. even without the mp3 player hooked up, when I turn the car on it hums horribly, so I cannot tuck my wiring yet as everytime I do not have music on I have to unplug the crazy thing. It actually seems a little quieter plugged into the mp3, and then is not very noticable at all with music. Sometimes if things are connected a certain way the hum is in tune with engine rpms. I bought a ground loop Isolator today to try and solve the probem, but I cannot find a way to connect it in, and heard by some car audio guys that splicing/soldering RCA cables is a no no and will hurt sound quality. the isolator has 2 pairs of wires coming out each end but they are male RCA.

    And sorry for the long post. I am too tired now and need to go to bed. I will take time to upload a picture of the setup later if need be.

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    it sounds like you need to ground the rcas-- using a small peice of wire, attach it to a ground and the outside part of the rca connector, if that doesn't work, than try the ground loop isolator.
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      I have good grounds, but one of my amps gets a hum...

      Bought Radio Shack $16.95 GLI about two years ago and the rest is history: there is no diminishing of sound quality and the hum is all gone 100 %.

      My experience - best of luck and blessings with yours!
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        Thanks for the input guys. I will try to ground the RCA's tomorrow and see what happens. As for the GLI I really will try to take the time to put up a diagram soon so you can see better what I am talking about.


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          Ok well I took the GLI back today I dont believe I needed it. I can get the hum to go away by grounding the RCA wires. I just did a sketchy quick hookup by jamming wire inbetween the male/female connections and it took the hum away. How do I properly ground the RCA cables?? It seems that the outer part will not remove the hum but the inside prong does. Doesnt seem like a good idea to me to have the wire touch the inside and outside as I had it when the wire was just jammed inbetween.