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    First Hi guys, must say this is a very informative forum even so much that it ends up being slightly overwhelming & I think I'm on overload
    I've read through build threads FAQs & carputer 101!
    And what have I come to a decision, for me who time is limited I don't think I have the time to build a car pc & installation & the down time on my car as it was already in the shop having a big turbo conversion fitted, so let me get to the point I've been looking through the web and have found ready built double din car computers has anyone had any experience with these, I've found one in particular that I liked its the Giantec VPC 5500, price as I can estimate will be in the $500 range. Specs are below, would appreciate an unbiased informative reply so I can weigh up the pro's and con's.
    This will be going into a MKI Audi TT, originally I was going for a double din alpine dvd setup with nav etc, however after stumbling across a car pc changed my mind. Anyway here are some photos of the double din conversion frame & the specs.

    CPU : Intel Celeron M 1GHz
    RAM : 512MB
    Operating System : Windows XP
    Software: Media Monsuta Multi-Media utility
    Storage : 2.5" Internal 40 GB Wide Temperature HDD (-30°C ~ +85°C)
    I/O Connection
    Front Panel:
     .1 x DVD/CD-R ROM
     .1 x Mic. in
     .1 x USB Port
    Front Access Buttons:
     ‧ 1 x Power On/Off Switch
     ‧ 3 x Selecting Keys
     ‧ 1 x Volume Control (Up & Down)
     ‧ 1 x Tuner Scanning Control (Up & Down)
     ‧ 1 x Reset/PC Power/Power Hold Button
     ‧ 1 x Screen Off Only Button
     ‧ 6 x Access Keys
    Back Panel:
     .3 x USB Ports
     .1 x VGA Ports (For 2nd external Display)
     .1 x Composite Video Input (Reverse Parking Camera)
     .1 x AUX Input (Audio & Video)
     .1 x Standard Car Stereo Connection Leads set
    LCD Panel:
     . 7inch Screen size
     . 16:9 Aspect
     . Touch Panel Operation
     .50W x 4 Max. Power Output
     .4 ohms Speaker Impedance
     .Bass / Treble Control
     .Balance / Fader Control
     .2V rms (0dB), 600 ohms Output Level
     ‧Auto Scan Radio Station
     .12FM / 6AM Station Presets
    Connector Type : MultiLock Connecting System
    External case : Sheet Metal (SECC)
    Relative Humidity : 5% ~ 90%
    Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ +70°C
    Storage Temperature : -30°C ~ +85°C
    Shock : 80G(Non-operating)
    Vibration : 2.0G, 5~500Hz
    Power Requirement : 12VDC @ 2A / 24VDC @ 1A
    Power Consumption : 36W Average.
    Certification: E9
    Dimension : 7” x 3.875” x 6.5” / 175mm x 100mm x 177mm
    Net Weight : 3.5Kg

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    i am not very familiar with them, but i have read other posts on the all-in-one pc setups that i assume would be similar. the biggest problems that i have seen involve the companies using their own special components, and software drivers-- so there are not to many places that would be able to help you if you needed to reload the computer, and lost the driver disk, so it would become a large paper wheight(what we would all like to avoid).

    if you really want a pc in your car, i would recomend looking at the pre built, medium amplifier sized, systems offered either here or at other car computer stores--the ones that are a little more user serviceable, and have larger companies (or at least forums) standing behind the parts.

    but, most of the navigation headunits from most of the manufacturers are much more reliable, have comparable features(eq, cd/dvd playback, 7" screen, preouts for amps), and cost roughly the same(did i mention that they are more reliable?).
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      I'm looking @ something similar for my 2008 Cadillac first glance, my first concern would be regarding the processor & memory specs...are they enough? Also, can we load a different O/S or front end?


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        Originally posted by Got2BTru View Post
        I'm looking @ something similar for my 2008 Cadillac first glance, my first concern would be regarding the processor & memory specs...are they enough? Also, can we load a different O/S or front end?
        Units made by the major car audio companies (Kenwood, Cllarion, Pioneer, etc.) are closed systems. They are essentially an embedded computer (much like a PDA) and many of them even run the WinCE (now Windows Mobile) operating system.
        The software is pretty locked down, though.

        Is it possible to have these types of units and load some other OS? Possibly.
        Considering the high cost of these units, it's not something most hobbyists like us are willing to attempt.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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