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First CarPC EEEPC NetBook, 7' Lilliput, 97 3000gt

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  • First CarPC EEEPC NetBook, 7' Lilliput, 97 3000gt

    So i have a few questions maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

    I just got my netbook and I wanted to use it for a carpc. I need to be able to remove the netbook every so often, so where do you feel is the best place to hide it, but still be able to remove it?(2-3 a month)

    How should i connect my pc to my stereo? (I currently have an aftermarket stereo and wired rca cables from the cd changer to my laptop)

    Should i just connect to my amp? (I have the stock amp, willing to get a new one.)

    What is the best way to power both the PC and Touchscreen?
    How do i get rid of the static i hear when i plug in and power my touchscreen?

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    most of these questions can be answered by heading over the FAQ Emporium

    you might be able to put the eeepc in the glovebox, and run the wires from there, or under the passenger seat.

    if you are planning on keeping the stereo, run the pc through the stereo, the easiest way would be through the aux input, if your stereo has one.

    if you want to get rid of the stereo, than you would run the laptop directly to the amp, but-- i have a 01 eclipse, and the factory amp was not adequate after removing the factory head unit(not sure how close the cars are). i would highly recomend getting a aftermarket amp to power all the speakers, this way, it give your one more point to adjust the system to sound better.

    for the static issue, it might have something to do with the power adapter that you are using-- i'm don't have a laptop install, so you might need to look in the power supply, or laptop area.
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