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Color suggestions? - Custom console project

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  • Color suggestions? - Custom console project

    I'm designing a completely custom console for my silverado.
    It just came with one of those stupid little seats in the middle which I'm tearing out.

    Well in the end it's my decision but I'm looking for some input on what color choices some of you would make.

    Exterior - Truck is black, tinted windows.
    Interior - Tan interior except:
    Black floor,
    and the driver controls are black (steering wheel, a/c controls, stereo), basically everything on the driver side.

    So I'm thinking paint the console black, I mean why go to all that work for boring tan on it :-)
    But if anyone think different let me know.

    For an armrest I'm going to get something hinged that I can fold away into the seats if I want to.
    I could get my armrest black too.
    But maybe tan, I thought that might be a good compromise and look better with the tan seats when it's down.

    So damn hard to picture this stuff on your head lol

    I wish I could wait till it's done see how it looks before I get the armrest.
    But I have to take how it mounts into account when I build it so I don't have that luxury.

    One thing I can promise, this thing is gonna kick a**
    I'm gonna give it all the stuff damn engineers should have had there in the first place lol
    Can't wait to post some pics :-)

    Thanks guys.


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    Hey Kenny,
    I too have a similar truck ('04 Sierra extra cab) and am simply adding the console from a similar model (Tahoe Suburban Denali, even Escalade) that fits. It saves cartloads of time, the trim panels can easily be removed and painted and by removing some of the junk underneath there is a respectable amount of room for goodies. I'll be moving the AC controls down to the console and using the radio head and AC control spot for a 10" touch.There should be plenty of room in the console for DVD tray as well.
    Why reinvent the wheel??????

    As for color have your wife or SO go get 4 of her favorite spray bomb colors, mask off what you don't want painted, pop a hole in the paint can, throw it in the door and shut til done. NOBODY will have a paint job like yours!

    My 2 pence from an old newbie.



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      Don't even joke about that can of spray. I just had a can of spray paint blow up in my truck a week ago LOL
      It got an everything except the ceiling somehow....and thank god for cheap seat covers!
      As for the rest plenty of rubber gloves and naptha

      I like the idea with the a/c controls and head unit
      I've just got a double din touch in their right now, though the ipod access has been acting up lately. But that's another time with more money lol

      Seeing as you have a similiar truck, did you take a look at the air setup yet?
      Did they bother putting some kind of hookup seeing as we didn't have stock consoles?
      I just haven't taken it off yet to look myself.
      Not that I'm too concerned, I'm not sitting back there LOL

      Have you thought about the current panel on the dash?
      Mine is one piece that goes all around the air port and glove box.
      So I assume with a stock console they had a seperate piece around the glove box.
      Since the console has it's own piece that clips around and covers up the lower area where the air duct is.

      I assume their is another piece of trim that would go around the glove box if you have a console.

      As to why I'm doing this, I've got the manual shifter for my 4WD, I could pick up the console and modify it but it would involve removing the air equipment in from of the console and cutting a piece out to accomidate the shifter, so wouldn't look so great.

      Besides I'm really good with my hands and love projects like this :-)
      I can put so much cool stuff in their.
      Prime it have a body shop I know throw a few coats on.



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        A friend of mine sent me an email, asked if I was going to put in a thumbprint scanner.

        I said don't tempt me, I know how to set one up LOL


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          I haven't done any hacking to the vehicle yet but you bring up some valid points-
          WRT to the AC portion- The factory console I bought (ebay-$125) had the duct that runs to the back. I'm ditching that so no real concern about tying in the vents on the aft end. There are several "shells" that can be used- some have the vents others do not. I'd rather not have the vents or rear speaker controls (mine just has a cubby hole). No one but the dogs and wife ride back there (don't let dog read this!).
          This is the one piece console although there is a two piece you might investigate, they seem to be cheaper and more plentiful.
          The front bottom cubby seems to be the right size (it will be when I'm done) for the AC controller on the dash. While I haven't pulled the controller out, pics on the interweb reveal its not real deep and should just be a matter of extending wires. I'm not sure of it runs servos or vacuum pots but either way not too difficult to mod.
          BTW there is only a duct (easily removed- 4 screws) in the console so don't let that hold you back.

          Slim BlueRay DV tray just above the moved AC controls on the console.

          Probably the cooler part for me is I'll kill the console rear cup holders but keep the access door, mount the CPU so all panel access is right there behind the cup holder door. If I engineer it right I should be able to remove the CPU without removal of the console. Maintenance and access are big thing for me. Also in retrospect I'll probably keep the rear vents as cooling fan exhaust for the CPU.

          Since my factory head unit eats CDs I am hoping to go with the AM-FM PC unit seen hear on the board and ebay and ditch the head unit all together.

          The surround around the AC/Head unit/Speedo Cluster just needs the little cross bar removed to accommodate the the 10" and some small cosmetic work- Should look very factory when done.

          And YES you do need to get the glove box surround and maybe even the panel underneath the steering wheel. You never see that offered with the ebay sales- got mine from a junkyard- $25.

          Since I have the 2X drive I don't have the concerns of shifters though I may have to modify the auto shift handle just a bit. In drive it falls across the AC controls which would be the bottom portion of the touch screen.
          A little properly applied heat should do the trick.

          I'm sourcing the CPU and screen now and hope to start in the next few weeks. I'll be posting a build log (I hope) with pics and look for feedback.

          Post a pick of the shifter area and I'll offer my thoughts as to what you might do.

          Like I said about reinventing the wheel why if you don't have too.
          I laboriously read the thread about a guy here with Durango that has been building a console (or three or four) for over a year. Thats just mental masturbation to me. You could build a custom console using foam as the base then 'glass it up, remove the foam and you're custom! He is using MDF for everything (and now some ABS I think) and (really really sorry, no dis intended) but it really really looks home-made at this point. I do understand, for some folks its about the build- for others its about the end result. I'd rather get the shyte working and enjoy it!

          Anyway post if you can!



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            Hey want to grab another panel from that salvage yard? jk lol
            All the good ones around here are long gone. I'll have to take a look around.

            I bought my dad a new headlight for half of what they wanted for old and/or scratched up ones lol


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              Tru dat...


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                Sorry Ken I am hijacking your thread but thought you might like a pic.
                Started the test fit today of the AC control head to the console. Very easy, little hacking and should have enough slack in the harness to not have to extend the wires.
                And no- no finish work just the test fitting and hacking-
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                  I guess I'm a gluten for punishment lol
                  I got lucky so far.
                  I found somebody who was selling just the console mounting bracket from my truck for 30 bucks.
                  I just got that yesterday.

                  I ordered the parts on the electronic side lastnight, relays, resistors etc.
                  Just $15 bucks worth, probably $150 at radio ***** lol Damn that place has gone to hell.

                  I just need to order some switches later but I don't need that for building and testing.

                  Mind sending me some dimensions?
                  Would help me along alot, give me some place to start.

                  height from the floor in the center of the console?
                  height from the floor to the top of the section in your pics?

                  So how goes your project, any more progress?

                  When I get some of these parts breadboarded I'll post a few pics.
                  On the physical side I'm working on an initial design I'll throw it together with masonry or 1/4" ply just to see how things fit.
                  I know this is going to be alot of work but I'm really having fun so far

                  Here's some projects from the last time I started something like this lol (about 7 years ago)




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                    Its ALL about the fun. I did order my CPU this week and of course the truck is ripped apart but thats all. Basically doing the mock up part.
                    I 'll get the measurements for you this weekend. I actually don't have the main floor bracket but its easy enough to fab up if I don't find one. Not much today though its FOOTBALL!

                    Every Day Should Be Saturday!