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Whats wrong here? No Power to PC

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  • Whats wrong here? No Power to PC

    So I got in a bunch of stuff today and instead of getting the M2-ATX going I decided to fire up the computer using a Rad10 $hack AC to DC power supply. Red to red, black to black right? The light came on on the power supply but nothing out of the computer... Any ideas?

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    your trying to power your computer with the radioshack power supply not using the m2-atx?

    you need to use the radio shack supply to power the m2-atx or a normal computer power supply plugged into the motherboard. the m2-atx outputs not just 12v but 5v, 3, and 1.5 because that's what the motherboard requires to run.


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      Looks like you only have two wires hooked up. Read the m2 manual. You need to power the ignition wire to get it to start the PC in the factory default setting.
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        Now what?

        I bought this 2nd hand and do not have instructions. So, hopefully I'm on the right track but still no power to the PC. Whats next?

        I connected the radio shack power supply to the M2-ATX (I think I'm missing a white wire so let me know where that goes too)

        I then got the big connector that I'm used to connecting to a motherboard and hard drive and connected the only free red and black connections to the 6 pin connector coming out of the case.

        Still nothing. What next? Thanks for the help.


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          I might be an idiot

          So I open up the CarPC case and there sits a wired M2-ATX. That part is set. So per some instructions I found, the 6 pin connector has red (power), black (ground), white (ignition switch), yellow & green (DVD), and blue (amp). So I connected the red wire to the red lead on the radio shack power supply, then the black to the black lead, and then the white to the red lead on the radio shack power supply to simulate ignition on.

          Turn on the power supply, still nothing. Ideas?


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            It looks to me like you have it hooked up correctly. I suggest contacting the manufacturer. (That looks like a MoCoSo system. Chris from MoCoSo stands behind his products, and will help you out.)

            Of course, if you're handy with a voltmeter, you could take the cover off the computer, and check the output of the M2-ATX. Make sure you're getting proper voltages on the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V lines. Also make sure the M2-ATX is pulsing the power switch to the motherboard when you apply power.

            Actually I just noticed there's a red LED on the back of the case. Is that wired directly to the M2-ATX? If so, then that should be coming on, unless you have a bad M2-ATX, or the wiring between the back panel and the M2-ATX is bad (in particular, the 6-pin connector might not be making good contact).

            Oh, all of this is assuming you've verified that your RS power supply is good. You have, right?

            -- Kevin


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              So... time to buy batteries for my multimeter... I can handle that. Thanks for the suggestions.