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Carpc for toyota camry

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  • Carpc for toyota camry

    Hey guys im new around here and just have been reading threw the forums lately. I used to have a kenwood double din in my car with the garmin nav but i wanna switch it up and do a carpc now because of the expandability and software. I am a little lost when it comes to this and i also look threw the stickies for recoomendations but they are a bit outdated. I would like someone to reccomend me a full pc minus monitor for under 600 bux.

    • Motherboard –
    • Processor –
    • Memory –
    • Hard Drive –
    • Power Supply –
    • Display –
    • Optical Drives –
    Nav software-
    Front end-
    OP system-

    I am looking for good performance in my system and reliablity. Any help would be apprecitaed.
    all soon to come
    Hu: Carputer with audio control eq or pioneer hu
    Frontstage:Peerless Exclusive 7 inch mids crossed at (80-150 hz)
    Seas 27AFNC/G neo dome tweets
    Memphis MCA5004 125 x 4 at 4 ohm
    substage2 18 inch Rd audio Alphas
    Memphis 4kw:yumyum: