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CarPC Setup in a '72 VW Camper

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  • CarPC Setup in a '72 VW Camper

    Hi all,

    I've been browsing this forum for quite a while now, gaining ideas about how i'm going to kit out my '72 VW Camper (well, not mine quite yet!).

    Basically, my girlfriend and I will be travelling Europe for 3/4/5/6/7 months next year in a '72 VW Camper (that i'm yet to purchase) and to while away those rainy evenings and for entertainment on the long drives I will be installing an 8" touchscreen up front along with a flip-down monitor in the back for watching TV whilst chillin in bed

    I will be installing 6.5" components up front in the doors, a 10" sub under the rock'n'roll bed and some 6.5" coax's in the rear for sound whilst watching TV. I have a 4-channel amp for the speakers and a monoblock for the sub which will take their RCA feeds from the onboard sound card fitted to the Zotac IONITX-D-E mobo with Atom N330 processor and 4gb RAM. Along with these I will use a Seagate 320gb 2.5" laptop HDD for storage and a Carnetix P1290 to power it all.

    I will be using a split-charge relay along with a large 12v leisure battery for power so we can use all the gear without having to have the engine running.

    Front-end wise - I have downloaded RR and don't really like it. It may just be the skin and changing the skin may improve it, but I have seen some videos on YouTube of Centrafuse and think I will go for that instead.

    I think this covers what I'm trying to achieve but I do have some Q's:

    1) GPS / WiFi - I have seen this antenna and would like to know:
    a) How to hook up the WiFi to the mobo I have listed above, and
    b) how to hook up the GPS to the mobo listed above
    2)I want Bluetooth handsfree and would like to know if there is a decent mic that cancels out the reverb from the speakers (or is CF intelligent and recognises this??) and does the mic plug into the mic port on the mobo or do I need some sort of add-on box? Also, will CF recognise my iPhone through one of the cheap BlueTooth USB thingamibob's?

    3) I want radio (AM/FM/DAB/HD - Whatever is available) and this is something that I really know nothing about! How do I get radio through my speakers considering I don't have an aerial socket on the mobo??

    I'm also going to fab in an iPhone dock below the touch screen and a laptop dvd drive below the touchscreen, so will i need a powered USB hub to be able to charge my iPhone properly?

    I think that's enough for now, i'm sure I will think of more in time, but thanks in advance for any and all help