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a couple questions ... concerning 93 corolla

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  • a couple questions ... concerning 93 corolla

    this is my first attempt at fiberglassing/fabrication and im putting in a 7in touch screen and the only problem im having is hooking up the reverse gear wire n also the parking brake wire can anyone point me in the direction they might be in? Also having a problem finding a way thru the firewall to allow a 0 gauge monster thru, is there one or do i have to make it?

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    Well as far as running the wire through, it really depends on what car you have. For instance in my WRX there is a hole that would easily accommodate a 0 gauge wire, but in my old car I definitely would have had to drill one.

    For the reverse and parking wires, I think people tap the reverse lights wire to get that, I'm not really sure about the parking brake though..
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      The parking brake wire usually requires dissasembly of the console so you can get to the hand brake pivot, where the parking brake switch should be
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        thanks guys


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          On my truck, there is almost no way to get a cable through the firewall. It does have access holes on the side, like where you open the doors. Its capped by a rubber cap. I didnt like running mine in the interior so I ran mine under the car in a special track that my truck had for all the wires and brake lines.
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            an update i found a way thru i just ran a 0 gauge thru to a distrubutor n hookd two 8 guages up and ran it to the battery.. works fine ...

            i saved the parking brake and reverse wire for last because i was installing an alarm/remote start/door opener and i was going to install it with it.