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Newbie: CarPC install in car with OEM screen, need help!

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  • Newbie: CarPC install in car with OEM screen, need help!

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking at doing a CarPC install in my car for a long time now, which has a standard 7" full colour LCD screen from factory. The issue is, I need to figure out how I'm going to do this!

    Firstly I'm assuming I'll need to find a touch screen overlay to fit my standard screen, also the car has VGA outputs for the LCD screen, so there's no dramas with connecting up the screen to the PC. However, I'm still new to everything CarPC related and am learning from the FAQ's and How-To's posted on here.

    Here are some images of the standard screen and the space I have in my glovebox for a CarPC, I just need advice on what I would need and how difficult this install would be to tackle myself (I'm assuming not very, as the car is already half finished from factory).

    7" OEM Screen (Nav button switches inputs)

    Space in glovebox (about 4 fat fingers worth- roughly 2.5" height)

    If any advice could be given that would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Hi Rob

    I'm almost finished doing the install you're after, and by chance I'm guessing it's in the same car. I have a VXR8 LS3.

    When you say the screen has VGA, is this something you've got info about. I couldn't get the pinout for the headunit, so have used the Rear Aux input which is composit and so not as clear as it could be if there are vga pins.

    My car has the factory fit SatNav (Rubbish), which I've yet to remove, so the PC is in the boot. You don't really need to touch the PC unless you want to play DVD's, so it's not neccessary to put it in the glovebox (A bit tight I'd say).

    Let me know what info you need, I'll help if I can




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      2nd Attempt at reply.

      Hi I'm finishing up an install in the same car. Mine's a VXR8 LS3.

      If I can help with info, I will. What do you need to know?

      My PC is in the boot, you don't need to touch it unless you want to shove a DVD in!

      I've got the factory fit SATNAV in the glovebox (Rubbish), probably gonna remove it.

      You mention VGA for the screen. I wan't able to get the info on the head unit, so have used the composite Video in on the rear aux. VGA would be much better if available. Do you have any pinout / wiring schematic?



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        It's actually RGB, and you'll only be able to utilise it if you get rid of the factory sat nav (in which case, send it to me!! ) which utilises the satnav port, and allows high quality input and VIM without a module. You can purchase the harness from a place called No Limit Electronics in Melbourne, AU.

        The convenient part is that I've been talking to the bloke that figured out almost all of the electronics for the VE, so I have a leg up on that!

        Is the rest of the system as easy as touch screen overlay, computer, input and power?? Did you add any fuses between the car power supply and the PC? Or did you just hardwire it?


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          Whooa....That RGB news is very interesting. I'll be emailin NoLimit straight after this!

          It really is pretty straight forward once you've got the overlay in. That part requires a bit of care. The PC is hardwired. I do setup work in XP with the PC out of the car using
          ing a 240v - 12v/5A supply, so I may stick a 10A fuse in the car which would more than cover the supply.

          I use the M2-ATX supply in the PC. This Hibernates the PC when the ignition is off - takes less than 15 secs to complete shutdown. When ignition is on it takes 30 secs to come back straight into Centrafuse (the frontend I'm using)

          I have some video interference which I'll be investigating in the next few days (hopefully just earth loop), and am still waiting for one of the radio tuners (which will have to run outside of Centrafuse I believe).

          Have you used the factory SatNav? It's pants....


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            Yeah, I've used it, but it's better than nothing, haha

            I'd kill for satnav!


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              Originally posted by peec12 View Post
              2nd Attempt at reply.
              My PC is in the boot, you don't need to touch it unless you want to shove a DVD in!

              How did you run all the cabling from the boot to the front of the car? Or does it come that way for your car?



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                I had the headlining down for the aerial replacement, so ran the signalling up the left rear pillar, across the headling and down the left front pillar. If you're not changing the aerial this isn't worth doing as the headling is a pain to get down.

                Other cables are run down the side of the prop tunnel (I had the centre trim out for my Wideband O2 cabling), this is pretty straight forward and easily accomplished with a fishwire I'd imagine.

                There's plenty of room behind the Head Unit fascia for assortd hookups.

                Currently planning to pull out the signal cabling as I'm trying to switch from composite video to RGB.......