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touch screen in Dodge Ram - replace the dash bezel?

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  • touch screen in Dodge Ram - replace the dash bezel?

    Hello everyone and thanks for this wonderful forum.
    First excuse my English, but its not my primary language

    I recently bought a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI, but as with my last car some audio modifications needs to be done.

    I have never added a carputer to a car, but it about time for me.
    My factory installed stereo is a little bigger than 1-din i think.
    I searched the web and this forum and found out that it could be changed to a double din.
    The only problem is that the post was about the earlier model, and therefore i am not sure it can be done with the 2006 model.

    My question is therefore: What can i do to add a 7" or 8" touch screen to this car?

    My other question is about screens. Most of the Lilliput screens looks awful, but i found this one on the mp3car stor LINK. I see that its only for a couple of cars, but can the frame be changed or something. Its design is so much better than this: LINK.

    I think the auto backup cam thing is great but is that a feature on most of the screens?

    Thanks for any answer and sorry if this question has been asked before.

    Best Regards

    My factory stereo:

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    I will be doing the same thing to my 07 F350. I got luckly and found a complete spare bezel that goes right from the drivers door to the pass side air bag. I bought it cheap and will use it to fabricate some kind of a mount right onto the back of it. I just ordered the Lilliput 8" wide screen and expect it to show up this week coming.
    I will just figure it out as I go how to fabricate a mount onto the back of the bezel. To help me choose a screen, I printed out in actual size on thick paper all of the different models, cut them out, then fit them to the back of the bezel. The 8" wide screen appears like it will fit with minor mods.
    So I guess my suggestion is to remove the dash bezel, and start looking at obstructions on the back, taking measurements etc.
    Other than that, if a true double DIN will fit, you could buy the 7" screen mounted in the 2xDIN brackets and just bolt it up.
    Good luck!
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      Thanks PhilG.

      I will try to remove the dash when the car comes back from service.
      Do you know of any website that explains where the different clips and screws are?

      Best Regards


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        Here is the best description I could find. I can't verify that it works (not the same truck) so just becareful as you go.

        "First you have to remove the rubber inserts from the console cup holder and storage bins, once done you will see screws about three or four 5/16, once done remove the first piece to revel more screws, remove them and remove the second piece, now we remove the upper piece that looks like it just pops off, be careful and pull it down. Once that is removed it will revel two Phillips screws going straight up securing the bezel. Once removed the bezel snaps off, be very careful this piece is secured with many clips and is very hard to remove. Then just remove the plethora of plugs and it’s off. "
        My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE


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          Thank you PhilG.

          I removed the screws and what do you know it poppet off :-)..
          Now i just need to find a decent screen that can fit my car.
          I also wonder if there is any screen with build-in DVD reader that i can connect to my computer?

          I still love the mp3car custom lilliput screen, but i do not think it will fit the Dodge.

          Sorry for the late respond but its been quite busy at work...


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            Also check out the screens at

            zenarc makes a flipout touch screen with a built in DVD drive, but from what I have read, both the flip out motorization and the DVD drive itself can be very problematic, and sometimes won't work at all.
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