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Is Nano-ITX too small for a full setup?

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  • Is Nano-ITX too small for a full setup?

    Nano-ITX supports up to 1Gb RAM which probably means the latest windows operating systems will not operate very well.

    What if I wanted to play audio and have a full set of gauges being displayed with Centrafuse 3. Is the Nano-ITX just too under powered?

    I like the idea of the new bybyte black box enclosure for convenience but that's no use if the system does not run properly.

    Anyone happy with Nano (which OS)?
    Anyone tried it and given up?

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    Works fine for me with my Jetway board and standard athlon cpu on CF2.0

    It really depends on the spec you go for and what your wanting to do with it.


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      depends on your definition of "full setup"... but a nano board wouldnt be a great starting point in my mind if you want to run CF3 and a host of "essentials" like gps, radio and obd stuff. You must consider when starting out that you will want to add-on as you go through your install. we ALL add on lol. So dont choose a board that will limit your ability to do so. If you want small and hideable with power i'd suggest a core-2-duo board like the dg45fc and the morex 5677 case. Thats what i run of course so i could be bias lol Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Definitely starting with GPS + Audio playback/radio + OBD all at the same time.
        More add-ons? Likely.

        Thanks for the feedback guys.