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NuuBee needs help with the final pieces before tearing my truck apart

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  • NuuBee needs help with the final pieces before tearing my truck apart

    Hi everyone,
    I"ve been a troll for awhile trying to read and learn. Decided to jump in but with most of the parts I have in the garage vice a pre-built or spending alot of $$. I need help from the installers, fabricators, software gurus, and everyday users of carPc's to help me out with what I think I know and what I don't know. Here's what I've got so far:
    Shuttle Xpc E5200 C2D, 2Gig Ram, 60Gb OS Drive w/ Xp Media Center, 500 Gb drive for music, pics and movies. No PCI slot, onboard video (DVI and VGA) and 6 USB ports.
    Riderunner installed with DigX(?)3.0 plugin (just downloaded)
    8Inch LCD color reciever av/tv/touch/pc set
    The Victim:
    99 Ford Explorer Sport, new bezel from an 01 if the current is ruined in fabrication, 4 installed speakers and a enclosed sub needing install, no headunit.
    M4-Atx, 400W inverter also. 1X2 power block, 4X4 fuse block, 4 and 8 guage wire, 5way 400w amp (I think it still works)

    Here's what I think I need to do what I want:
    GPS reciever/antenna/software
    XM/Sirius radio something or other to go between my Sirius antenna (from old Fathers Day gift) to the truckPc
    Power wiring diagram ( I seriously don't want to fry my commute truck by mis-wiring something)
    Bezel fabrication help; I'll have to cut some plastic to make the 8" fit
    Experience...not going to come easy or cheap!!!

    So my plea goes out, if you see something I'm missing let me know. If you'd like to share your experience let me know (yes, I've read the worklogs and project, etc, etc. that got me this far).
    Pics to follow and a worklog since I'm determined to do this in the next couple of weeks.

    any help would be appreciated!!!