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  • ASRock Ion 330

    Recently my gaming pc's CPU and MOBO died . Ive been looking for a temporary replacement to use for school and work until i have enough money for a new high-end mobo/cpu. I eventually intend to install a car pc. So after some research, I've found a solution that could possibly kill two birds with one stone.

    The ASRock ION 330 NVIDIA ION

    It meets all my needs for temporary home computing ie: word processing email checking and music listening. Its inexpensive and its been getting pretty good reviews. But, (and i guess here's where my question comes in) Can this system run in a car. It would be nice to know that this is possible before i commit to this purchase.

    I know nothing about power when dealing with cars. ASRocks website says the system runs off of 19v so couldn't CarNetix P2140 and the "Power your laptop with Goce from mp3car" vimeo tutorials solve the power issue?

    Secondly audio, although it has 5.1 out its digital. I dont know what the standards are for amps now but as far as i can find digital amps are in the thousands of dollars. If i used the stereo out (3.5 mm jack) and converted it to rca how would sound quality be? What do head units output in stereo?

    Thanks for all help....and sorry for all the n00b questions

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    i beleive that your idea for powering it is correct.

    there are 2 different types of audio jacks on the system-- digital, and analog-- you are right that you could use a y-adapter to split the signal from this jack. depending on how the computer chipset is though, it might only allow you to do 2 channel sound using the analog output(if it does not allow you to reassign the jacks to different features).

    the sound quality should be 'adequate' though i have been seing some posts from other members using onboard sound on other motherboards and being less than happy with the output level, and overall quality. in this case, you would wnat to get a sound card.

    not sure what you mean by "what do headunits put out in stereo?" could you try to explain a little more?
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      I think ive solved the audio problem. I have one more question. The CarNetix P2140 will take care of the power for the Ion 330 and a 12v screen but where will the amplifier turn on lead go?