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Chinese 2din 7" deck + ideas

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  • Chinese 2din 7" deck + ideas

    1.) If this is in the wrong place. Please move

    I got this crazy idea after hanging out at the local Akihabara PC shop in town.
    doh, could have spent my time searching here to get the same info but ... heck, it's fun to go to the candy store every so often.

    I have:
    - eonon 2din 7" deck (errr, whatever you may call it).
    - G4 power book (mac fanboy here ) with a screen on the way out
    - alpine older generation ipod setup

    I first thought of using the PowerBook to base my system on or even just running my MacBook Pro with a video out but I really did like the idea of using velcro.

    So, I ended up buying a used Eonon. Ok ... ok ... I know. I messed this one up but I still can sell it.

    But, that gave me the idea of taking this Eonon unit (or one with a working screen and broken whatever ...) and rip out the internals keep the touch screen.

    The unit seems like it will take a mini-itx board.

    My problem here is power and screen.

    Can I use this type of touch screen and plug it into a itx?
    Can I use the original power source and power the board?

    eonon stats:
    supply voltage DC 10 ~ 15v
    current 4~15A
    resolution 480x234

    I have not opened the unit so I am not sure what kind of cabling is going on.

    Is this possible?

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    Very likely not. Eonon probably used a lower quality screen that will not support computer resolutions, so any text on the screen might be harder to read. There is also the issue of where the screen controller is located(the thing that tells the screen what to do)- if it is not a separate module(on the main pc board), you will either need to create your own or find someone who can. And that is just a idea of some of the issues that you could run into- you might get super lucky and it will be easier, or it could be much worse.

    Would it be worth it for most people? No. Though I can't say if it is or not for you.
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      ugh, late reply!