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  • Need help finding software

    If i posted in the wrong seciton please disregard my arrogance and move to correct location

    Hello everyone im new to car/pc setups but not new to pc's... so im not a total newb.. but I do have some questions for some of the more experienced.

    A buddy of mine ive been talking to pitched me a good idea I have a 92 vr4 and I would like to remove the stock center guage cluster and replace that with the largest screen that will fit and basically run a digital gauge display..

    I am obdI and right now I have a palm m515 that im using to log with and it pretty much pulls all the engine parameters using a 0bdI to parallel cable.. using mmcd software for my palm

    I have looked through bout 2 hours of threads and done random searches with several different terms but im really not finding much info of what im looking for.

    I didnt know if there was a software already available that could do this or if there is a good user friendly program code that I could use to program my own software

    I am not sure if im asking for too much but some of the things I would like to be able to do is
    change the display and be able to swap guages out...

    It would also be nice if I could enter in a certain parameter for each thing im monitoring to automatically pop up a display/audible warning ... such as knock sensor's, boost limits and things like that..