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  • obd confusion

    Hello all I posted in the obd section but didnt get much....That probably means im asking stupid questions.
    I have a 98 jeep cherokee and im attempting to pull codes and see live data
    I have a ISO9141 cable that a friend used on his audi. Im having a hell of a time getting it connect with my laptop that i have installed multiple freeware software on.

    So here are my questions
    1.Does all software communicate with all OBD2 cars?
    2.Does all software communicate with all OBD2 cables?
    3.Do all OBD2 cables translate the data into something all softwares are able to read?
    4. Am i stupid?

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    sorry for the double post


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      I think the cable that your friend has only for VAG (volkswagen audi group) cars such as volkswagen, audi, skoda, seat etc

      What you want is a multi-protocol scanner such as OBDLink or Elmscan 5. These can be used to connect a laptop to the car.
      Or you could get a handheld multi-protocol scanner

      In answer to your questions:
      The software is designed to work with a specific scantool range, not for the car.
      A scantool such as OBDLink is able to connect to all fully OBD2 compliant vehicles and has a range of different software packages available to work with this scantool.

      OBDLink can be purchased from the store link


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        i bought an deciding what software to use


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          Originally posted by themow View Post
          i bought an deciding what software to use

          Hi, it all depends on what features you would like and what application you have for the device.

          I have ScanXL Pro, Scanmaster and Touchscan for my OBDLink interface.
          ScanXL-Pro i would say is the best of the three but then is a bit more expensive than the other two.

          If you have any questions about any of these softwares pleas klet me know and ill try to help.

          Regards michael